to The Monterey Bay Chapter of the Links, Incorporated
Established in 1974, the Monterey Bay Chapter of the Links Inc. began providing services to the military wives that were stationed at the former Ft. Ord by providing educational resources, and assistance as they re-entered the work force from their overseas assignments.

As the needs of our community has evolved, so has the Monterey Bay Chapter to provide community services that inspire, connect and impact the lives of our residents.  Our Chapter collaborates with other service organizations to provide mentoring programs for our youth, tutoring, scholarships, and other assistance that will provide a positive change in the lives of our youth of today.

We are friends that transform the community in which we serve. Through cultural, educational, and civic participation, our chapter faithfully strives to be strong, smart, and bold in facilitating positive change.   We are a unique Chapter rich in history and deep in legacy fulfilling the mission that transcends time and impacts lives both locally and worldwide. 

Willette Jones, President
Monterey Bay Chapter